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Mmwave human detection

2022-7-18 · 论文翻译与学习:《MmWave Radar and Vision Fusion for Object Detection in Autonomous Driving: A Review 》 【论文解读】MmWave Radar and Vision Fusion for Object Detection in Autonomous Driving: A Review 说海似云 于 2022-07-18 14:15:12 发布 5 收藏.

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Dec 21, 2018 · Singh et al. [5] used a TI IWR1443 mmWave radar and collected radar data using a robot operating system (ROS) package [13] as follows: the number of point clouds, spatial coordinates of the points .... Accurate and timely human fall detection is a strong requirement either for the surveillance of critical infrastructures or for ships. Indeed, sea-faring vessels are one of the most important means for maintaining the marine economy in many countries by transporting goods or people. However, unfortunate tragic accidents on-board ships involving people, either a.

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In the last years, optical fiber sensors have proven to be a reliable and versatile biosensing tool. Optical fiber biosensors (OFBs) are analytical devices that use optical fibers as transducers, with the advantages of being easily coated and biofunctionalized, allowing the monitorization of all functionalization and detection in real-time, as well as being small in size and geometrically.

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Nov 20, 2021 · This dataset is the first mmWave gesture dataset so far and it has several advantages: 2 scenarios: short range (i.e. Human-Radar Distance (HRD) < 0.5 m) and long range (i.e. 2m < HRD < 5m); large amount and long last time: 56,420 traces, with 1,357 minutes in total; scores of people: 144 people (including 64 men and 80 women);.

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The millimeter-wave radar can sense the human presence, stationary and moving people within the detection area. Moreover, it can even detect static or stationary human presence such as a sleeping person. There are two ways provided to output detection result: serial port and I/O port switch quantity..

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